“Our goal is to empower and enrich women’s lives removing the shame and stigma surrounding sexuality.”

Oslyn Cummings-Cave

what we do?

Fllowerbox creates plant-based products specifically for the private area. Our product line includes scented oils, refreshing spray, ingrown hair treatment, and scrub. Our brand is unique because we allow women to naturally enhance and customize their own aroma in the most intimate way. Our goal is to empower and enrich women’s lives removing the shame and stigma surrounding sexuality. Fllowerbox is creating a new category of plant-based scented intimacy products. We believe women deserve non-toxic products that enhance their sexual experience. Our formulations are parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, and artificial dyes free. We are also vegan and cruelty free.

a word from
our founder

After suffering the loss of twin boys in 2017 and another miscarriage six months later, I was not in the best place emotionally, spiritually and physically in my life. My diagnosis: unexplained infertility. I questioned, why would my body betray me like this? My feelings were raw, but with these questions, I knew I needed to find the answers. This led to my new path, a journey of learning and loving myself. During this journey I researched constantly, with the biggest discovery being that what I was putting in and on my body was having an effect on my fertility. I decided to take charge of my health. I stopped eating meat, began exercising, took supplements and most importantly started loving myself and my body again. On my way back to finding joy and purpose in my life, I was blessed to become pregnant and have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I knew with my new found zest for life that I needed to help other women that may be down, or needing inspiration, to venture on their self love journey. I decided to create natural feminine products that made me feel sexy, giving me that additional confidence boost. From this, Fllowerbox BLOOMED into a business for women by women. Our goal is to plant JOY in your life with our clean non-toxic products. They are perfect for self love or to be shared with a partner. I invite you to take a leap of faith to reunite with your true self. She won’t let you down.