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Perfume Smells Different on Different People

Have you ever noticed that the expensive designer perfume you brought smells different on you than on a paper blotter in the store? It also tends to smell different on different people. Well, there are biological and chemical reasons why this is the case. We all have different body chemistries which interact differently with perfume molecules, resulting in different smells.

To get into more specifics, fragrances seem to behave differently on different skin types. For example, it seems to change with the temperature of a person’s skin. There are many factors affecting the warmth of a person’s skin, such as how many pores there are, how much body hair there is, etc. Let’s look at how perfumes behave on different skin types such as oily and dry skin.

Oily Skin

A lot of perfumes use chemicals that are attracted to oil. So, this can accentuate certain scents in a perfume. If it has sweet notes, almond for example, oily skin exaggerates this and the smell can be too overbearing.

In other words, oily skin tends to amplify certain types of notes in a perfume. However, fruity scents like citrus tends to do better. Softer, lighter notes are better suited for oily skin as it amplifies them. Another benefit of having oily skin is that the scents last longer in a way, because the molecules are attracted to oil.

Dry Skin

With dry skin, you can try more powerful scents because fragrances don’t hold up as well on dry skin. The perfume molecules don’t really have a foundation to hold on to, so they disappear pretty quickly.

One great way to ensure that your perfume lasts longer on dry skin is to apply a generous amount of moisturizer or unscented body oil. This way, the perfume molecules have something to hold on to. You can also layer the perfume with some scented essential oils. It’s best that you experiment with different types of essential oils to ensure that they combine perfectly with your perfume.

The upside to this is that you don’t need to worry about fragrances being overbearing. So, you can be more adventurous with more herb and spice themed fragrances, like cinnamon.

Diet Affects How Perfume Smells

Another reason why perfume may smell differently on different people could have something to do with your diet. After all, your diet is the most important factor that affects your skin, such as how much oil it secretes. If you don’t consume a lot of oil in your diet, there will naturally be less oil in your skin. Hence, you may find that the perfume doesn’t last as long.

Taking antibiotics, for example, also affects the smell of perfume. Antibiotics also affect the bacteria on the surface of your skin, which will produce a different smell when they’re mixed with your skin’s natural oils.

Perfume can be an expensive investment for some, so it is important that you know exactly how it will smell before purchasing. Instead of relying on the paper blotters they give you at the store, spray a little to your skin, at pulse points such as the wrist. If you have oily or dry skin, it is more important that you try them on first.


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