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The lies they told you about your period

Period myths

We have all come across many “No-s” when it comes to our period…“You can’t do this”, “You can’t do that”, “No blah blah”. Well, the reality is that physically there is nothing that prevents us from doing our favorite activities, even when society insists on telling us otherwise.

So, what are these common things they tend to say “you cannot do” during your period? In today’s blog, we’re debunking some of the most common myths. Keep on reading to find out!

“You can’t exercise!”

Many times we have been told that during those days we should not exercise. Well, the reality is that exercising during the period helps relieve pain since exercising releases endorphins that generate a feeling of well-being. This results in better performance, sleep, mood and in combating period cramps and PMS symptoms. Just make sure you have plenty of fluids and keep a check on a healthy diet. Unless you don’t feel like exercising, keep on going, girl!

“You can’t go to the beach or pool!”

This is one of the most absurd beliefs of the period. Sure we can get in the water and enjoy our vacation. Just make sure to use a tampon or menstrual cup and be careful to change it when you go out. And no, don’t worry, you will not bleed in the pool or attract sharks with your period blood. That’s taking it a little too far.

“You can’t have sex!”

Many women still believe that it is not possible to have sex during their period. Well, of course, you can! During the period, sex turns out to be more pleasant since the vagina and cervix are more sensitive and allow even more pleasure. But beware! Always remember to use protection since you can get STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) or even get pregnant.

“You can’t have a hot shower. Hot showers increase the flow!”

If there is one thing about hygiene and personal care, it’s that it is never harmful. Hot water can help stimulate blood flow, relieve menstrual cramps, and ease muscular tension. Only make sure you don’t burn yourself on scalding water or freeze in icy cold waters. Period or no period, there’s nothing comfortable about that. The pressure from the water may temporarily prevent the blood from flowing out of the vagina. Although as soon as you are out of your shower, everything will be back to normal.

What do you do during your period that you were always told you couldn’t do?