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Are Vagina Tightening Wands A Thing?

Are Vagina Tightening Wands A Thing?

There are many products out there in the market that vouch for better vaginas. Douches, herb sachets and vaginal steamers. 

Most of these statements have proved to be marketing gimmicks and no proven results for vaginal tightening.

Vaginal Wand Harmful

Experts warn women not to experiment with their private parts. Using vagina tightening products brings more harm than any good. There is also a risk of infection as the stick does not adhere to safety profiles.

And there is no data to support up the claims the makers make. It is not safe to use the vagina tightening stick, and none of the professionals recommend it for use.

Stretching A Natural Process

The stretching of the vagina after childbirth, continuous intercourse, and old age is a natural process. Enlarging may be marginal in some women but huge in others.

The vagina is self-cleaning and have natural elasticity. Using vagina tightening tools can cause problems.

Consult A Health Professional If Needed.